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About the conference

unSchooling Oppression
at the University of Ottawa
November 5-10, 2007

unSchooling Oppression is both a critical examination of the various forms of oppression within traditional schooling models and a hopeful exploration of liberating educational alternatives.

Six evening presentations will feature speakers on a broad range of topics, each concluding with a period for questions and discussion. Subjects shall include the historical roots and purposes of traditional schooling; power, authority and oppression; institutional violence; systemic racism; freedom and deschooling; alternative models for learning; and much more. The speakers will be traveling to Ottawa from around Canada and the USA.

The conference will also include a series of daytime workshops organized by members of the university community and local organizations on various issues that they consider relevant to the themes of education as oppression, and education as liberation.

The conference will conclude with a caucus, wherein conference attendees will have the opportunity to brainstorm together a way forward in applying some of the ideas presented during the conference. Our goal, as conference organizers, is for this event to catalyze a new movement of projects and campaigns here in Ottawa to directly address the issues presented. We hope you can be a part of this movement!



1. Peter Timusk - October 22, 2007

cool I am keen to talk some student life informing ciriculum what we learn.

2. NLP - November 4, 2007

Hmmm…as a member of an unschooling family I’m not sure what this conference, directed at academics and teachers, has to do with what my family and many, many others do everyday. Unschooling isn’t about adding life learning into the classroom or offering students yet another education model. In fact, it isn’t about teaching staff and students. I was hoping to check out the conference but it doesn’t seem to offer any real understanding of what unschooling families are doing and why.

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